Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us or we find it not


Today is the first day to my myself in 12 days. Riley woke up for work at 5 am and won't be back till 3 am. Poor kid. And I was really sad to wake up this morning without him. And while it is sad to wake up alone and have a quiet house, I am pretty excited to spend some alone time. I love alone time.
The question is, should I get out of my jammies, brush my hair and be productive? I have so much to do.
OR, should I just bake some zucchini bread, maybe some banana bread and not brush my hair till 5:00 when I have to go to work.

On another note, my little house needs some serious decor TLC.. and like my photography, I am just not very talented when it comes to design. I am patiently waiting for some design talent to walk through my front door and do it all for me. I will be here waiting, no appointment necessary. Thanks.


  1. I waited so long to have my own home to decoorate but then, when it happened, I realized how hard it is. Whether its my husband not agreeing or lack of money, or even lack of ideas.. it's just not as easy as it seems. I am with you all the way! I think it will always be a work in progress.
    P.S. I vote the bread... why not?

  2. i think you should make the bread too!
    alone time is nice. just relax. it's good for the soul!

  3. Haha you're so cute :) I vote make 1 loaf of bread and THEN be productive while it bakes. Good plan.

    I don't know that I'm that good at decorating but we should make it a play date and try it!