Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us or we find it not


King of the Eyesores

It all began when I got in my car this afternoon to head to Pier One to buy some very lovely white dishes. I love white dishes. There is something so romantic about classic, clean, white dishes. I was in an exceptionally good mood as I drove down 100 South when New Slang by The Shins came on the shuffle list on my iPod. I was instantly taken back to driving around in my Toyota Corolla with Melysa Christensen. We would be driving much too fast with an empty gas tank, the windows rolled down with a foot or two hanging out. A shoeless foot, naturally. My heart was so warmed by the fond memories.

I was rushed in and out of the store because my sisters and I went on a date to see Life As We Know It. Which, by the way, was pretty good. It is your typical, predictable chick flick, but we all know no one actually goes to a chick flick not knowing how it is going to end. That is almost half the joy in them. After we parted ways, I was back in my car with The Shins. Once again, I was taken back to my Toyota Corolla.
I decided to play with the memories a bit and do what I always used to do, forget my plans or responsibilities and just go for a drive. I rolled the windows down, turned up the heat and the music, and I drove. I forgot how wonderful it feels to just be alone in your car with some good music. It is a very freeing sensation. I highly encourage you to do this as soon as possible. But it must be good weather so you can roll down your windows. Rolling your windows down is the key to a good, liberating drive. You must also turn your music up loud enough so the cars next to you stare at you as you sing along.
If you are like me and are really terrible at singing, then singing in the car is the best way to get it out of your system. I love singing. I find it so relieving when I start to feel crammed inside. The trick is to turn the music just loud enough so you can barely hear your own voice. That way, you can still hear your volume, but it sounds like your voice is the artist's voice. It's a great confidence builder. Try it.
I began to think how I would go on drives like this at least every few days. I always felt stuck. I had the Holly Golightly syndrome.. as do most 16-18 year olds. But tonight, I didn't feel stuck, crammed or unhappy in the slightest bit. I was happy to begin with and the drive just enhanced my happiness by ten. I wanted to come home and grab a wooden spoon and dance all around my house singing to every great sing a long song there is. I wanted to yell and scream and just make noise.
Happiness is a great thing. If you don't feel it tonight, please, grab your favorite music and go for a drive. Sing really loud and roll your windows down. If you are feeling extra crammed. Take off your shoes and drive with one foot out the window. It is the cure.